Thursday, May 10, 2012

stsadm -o import -updateversions 2 - error / doesnt do what its supposed to

I had a scynario where a site with multiple subsites needed to be restored in SharePoint 2007.

The majority of sites didnt need document history, so I thought that we could restore all of the sites without the history and then selectivly restore the ones that did need it.

There is a switch on the STSADM.EXE -o import  called -updateversions. This switch is supposed to indicate how to resolve situations where a file to be imported to a site already exists in that site.  using a value of 2 should Overwrite the file and all of its versions (delete then insert).  

BUT of course it doesnt.....  it seems to ignore my 2 switch and revert to the defaul of 1, which is to add the documents again so I get a complete set of duplicates.  Lovely......

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