Thursday, May 10, 2012

stsadm -o import -updateversions 2 - error / doesnt do what its supposed to

I had a scynario where a site with multiple subsites needed to be restored in SharePoint 2007.

The majority of sites didnt need document history, so I thought that we could restore all of the sites without the history and then selectivly restore the ones that did need it.

There is a switch on the STSADM.EXE -o import  called -updateversions. This switch is supposed to indicate how to resolve situations where a file to be imported to a site already exists in that site.  using a value of 2 should Overwrite the file and all of its versions (delete then insert).  

BUT of course it doesnt.....  it seems to ignore my 2 switch and revert to the defaul of 1, which is to add the documents again so I get a complete set of duplicates.  Lovely......

A usefull link to the Sharepoint Site Template Numbers

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Office 365 Error- Access Services reports are not enabled.

I have long been sceptical about running custom SharePoint sites on Office 365, but I thought as its maturing I'd give it another bash.

I needed to store a list of contacts and other meta data, so I thought I'd add a "Contact Web" subsite.  This is actually an access database that is hosted in Sharepoint.  Very clever I thought, but so near and yet so far.....

The default Address book view allows you to add and edit contacts, however in the Note portion you get a correlation error saying "Access Services reports are not enabled. To view the report, open the report in the Access client." - not very helpful.  If you try to go to the Report Center tab you get the same issue.

Apparently the reason is that Office 365 hasnt turned on access services !    So the Contact Web subsite that that Office 365 allows you to create isnt fully supported by Office 365 !!

Come on Microsoft, either offer full access services or handle your errors properly and dont offer a site template you cant support.

Error- Access Services reports are not enabled. To view the report, open the report in the Access client. - Office Professional Plus developer - Office 365 - Microsoft Office 365 Community