Friday, March 28, 2008

Excel -- Comments -- Programming

I needed to extract addresses from a comments field in an Excel spreadsheet. The following had some really helpful code to manipulate the comments:
Excel -- Comments -- Programming

Thursday, March 06, 2008

No more /console switch in RDC 6.1

Remote Desktop Console "/console" connection switch has been disabled in Vista SP1 and Windows 2008.

It has been replaced by "/admin". This is a huge problem for server administration if you didnt know about it!

It looks like it will be implimented in XP sp3 as well.

The following article shows more detail Ask the Performance Team : MSTSC.EXE - no more /console switch in RDC 6.1

TimeSnapper - make timesheets a snap

An interesting screen shot utility for use when you need to remeber what it was you did !

TimeSnapper - make timesheets a snap

SharePoint 2007 Post SP1 hotfix woes

We have a 6 server SharePoint 2007 Enterprise Farm which we were having a number of memory errors and timer errors on. We had hoped that SP1 would address these issues, however the timer errors and other problems are still arrising.

A MOSS Post SP1 HotFix was made available on Feb 25th and we tried to install it today, but as with most things it didnt go according to plan.

There are no pre-install instructions, however based on the SP1, you need to install the binaries on the Administration server first, then run the Sharepoint Products and Technologies Config Wizard, BUT only to the point it warns you to install the patch binaries on the other servers in the farm. Once you have installed the patch on all the other servers go back to the Administration server and click ok to continue with the Sharepoint Products and Technologies Config Wizard.

All was going well until step 8 which gives an upgrade error and refers you to a log file. There are no helpful messages and the only possible information is the following:


Has anyone else seen this issue ? and what is the resolution ?