Monday, February 28, 2011

Windows 2008 INCORRECT FUNCTION error, sharing folders or file shares

If you get the error "Incorrect Function" on a Windows Server 2008 or 2008R2 when trying to share a folder or create a file share then you will find the error message "INCORRECT FUNCTION" is extreemly useless.

It occurs because you don't have the Firewall Rules for Inbound and Outbound "File and Printer Sharing" included in your rule sets.  

But I have firewall disabled I hear you cry!  For Windows it doesnt matter if you have the Firewall on or off for any of the Profiles.  If you dont have the rules there you cant share folders......

Dont know why this is but it just doesnt work and gives the silly error message above.


Blefe said...

Works perfectly! Thanks!

dr33 said...

I have this issue and I have been unable to fix it.

I just wonder how this situation has started in the first place?
Sharing worked at some phase just like it should.
Then it just didn't.

BTWbtw. If I wanna create rule to allow "file and printer sharing" how to do it?
Rule wizard gives choises to create rules for programs, ports and services -but I can not find "file and printer sharing" to make that rule.

dr33 said...

Ok, I found it right away when I knew what to look for.

It must be made through GPO's.

I got those file and printer sharing rules now in my adv fw but it didn't solve initial problem, which was that I can't create new shared folders.