Thursday, May 20, 2010

The importance of SharePoint 2010 Managed Service Application install order

SharePoint 2010 is very unforgiving when it comes to the configuration of its Managed Service Applications. Not only do all the security settings need to be just so, but the order of install needs to be just right.
Because of this sensitivity, after installing the binaries and getting the administration site running I concentrated on getting the most tricky Service Apps running first, ie the User Profile and User Sync Service Application. However after a good install with few errors, on editing a user's profile some of the fields had really odd errors saying that "There was a problem retrieving data for this field"

There was nothing obvious; however it turns out that if you don't install the Managed Meta Data Service then you will have this problem. It doesn't matter if you install the MMD before are after the UPA but it just needs to be there.

The order I attempted to install Services after the binary and install of the administration site is as follows:

  • Register some pre-configured AD accounts into SharePoints' Managed Accounts (having setup the right AD permissions first). These will be used for the IIS Application Pools so you know what is running what. SharePoint very unhelpfully gives these GUIDS as names.
  • Create a New Web Application for the MySite Profiles with its own application pool and use one of the Managed Users we setup above

  • Create New Site collection in that Web Application – using a template of Enterprise –> My Site Host
    (Don't try to load site at this time)

  • Create a new User Profile Service Application with its own app pool
    • Start the UPA service – (very easy to miss this)
  • After service has started do an IIS Reset – or even reboot to make sure
  • Start the User Profile Sync service – prompts for details – wait 10 minutes until started
  • Reboot again – very important.
  • Add a Synchronization Connection to AD (You can add LDAP Filters to the connection after it is setup)
  • Start profile Synchronisation (full)
  • Once complete (and it will take a while…..) Manage User Profiles and you will see on some of the fields the errors I mentioned above.
  • Now install the Managed MetaData Service
  • IISReset or reboot again – and these field errors disappear!!

Glad it's so intuitive……..!
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