Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Rouge TCPIP gateway settings - Netsh commands for Interface IP

I have a problem with the TCPIP settings on a windows 2003 workstation running windows terminal services.

It is showing 2 gateways on network details or under ipconfig, however only one gateway is defined in the networking setup. Ive used Netsh to try to remove the additional gateway and although this is a powerful command it didnt see it.

So I deliberately added the rouge gateway address with a high network metric using netsh. This command worked but the metric was being ignored, (tested using tracert). Using netsh again I removed the gateway address I’d just added and it seemed to remove itself from the TCPIP configuration successfully. Using tracert to test the routing again it showed all was well. Has anyone else seen something like this ?

Microsoft Windows XP - Netsh commands for Interface IP

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Anonymous said...

Have you use route to try to remove the extra gateway settings.