Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mobile connect on Vista kills normal wireless/ethernet access - eXpansys UK

Ive installed Vista Business on a Toshiba M400 and then put the Vodafone Mobile connect drivers (VMC_R9.1.0.4345) onto my machine and now have severe network problems.

DHCP will not work on either the wireless to cabled LAN. Even if you put a fixed address with vaild DNS entries in the DNS wont resolve. You can ping the external DNS server but you cant get nslookup to resolve at all. I thought it might be firewall related but its not.

Suplimental work around
It would appear that this is related to Vista patching, or the lack thereof.

Initially I installed the 3G drivers on a clean Vista with no connection to the Internet and no patches installed which gave me the problems.

Installing the 3G drivers onto a fully patched Vista install works ok

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