Monday, April 23, 2007

InfoPath Team Blog : Submitting to a SharePoint List

Sharepoint lists are a great place to store data and Infopath 2007 is a great form editing tool, so you'd thought the two would work seamlessly together....but no....

Perhaps naively I thought that Infopath 2007 would seamlessly allow editing of MOSS Sharepoint lists, however, you have to use code, define your schema in XML and then write submit code to the Sharepoint web service using the lists GUID. Infopath 2007 and MOSS are such powerful tools, why cant a little codeless integration be put in place to ease this task?

Here is an article from March 2007 which shows you how to do it in code : InfoPath Team Blog : Submitting to a SharePoint List: "Submitting to a SharePoint List"

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