Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Dark Blue Duck | Scanning Enabler (TM)

Dark Blue Duck Scanning Enabler (TM): "Scanning EnablerTM Product enhances SharePoint adding support for Desktop Scanning"

Whilst this is and interesting product im not sure why you wouldnt just scan your files directly to an WSS URL document library instead. I must be missing something.

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Anonymous said...

Legal professionals, health professionals, public servants and others are benefiting from the combination of Microsoft’s SharePoint products and Dark Blue Duck’s Scanning Enabler™.

Large organizations are using the Scanning Enabler™ with MOSS to extend their Enterprise Content Management and search capabilities.

Small companies are using the Scanning Enabler™ to address challenges they face when swamped by incoming paperwork (especially when the business is geographically distributed).

The Scanning Enabler Scanner Sharing software allows a number of users to share a single desktop scanner and the Scanning Enabler "Routing Coversheets" allow you to scan or fax a document directly to a specific Document Library or specific list item.

We are working to extend the use of the Scanning Enabler to support Physical Document Records Management (integrating with the Records Centre provided as part of MOSS).

If there is any way that we could improve the product to make it more useful for your specific requirements please let us know.

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Dark Blue Duck